Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Reading several blogs and online magazines recently, I came across a handful of articles promoting a conclusion I had myself come to concerning UFO sightings in modern times. In the age of abundant camera- equipped smartphones, why have we not seen an increase in UFO sightings along with better photographic "evidence"? On the contrary, it seemed to myself as well as the fore-mentioned authors, that UFO sightings appeared to be in the decline. As one article, titled "TWILIGHT OF THE GULLIBLE", stated, reffering to a presentation by Ian Ridpath;

"Ridpath ... stressed that there had been no classic UFO sightings since the advent of the new generation of technology, and, especially, the mobile-phone camera, whose ubiquity, it might have been thought, should almost have guaranteed convincing photographic evidence of the inquisitive green men and their conveyances..."